Framebuilding Material, Supplies and Tooling

Part of the Framebuilders Collective Vision/Mission is – “Pursue continued development and supply of quality raw materials used by professional framebuilders.” Here are links to products that are produced by Collective members that are doing just that. There are more to come and we’ll be adding them as we collect the content.

For Framebuilding material, supplies and tooling produced by others, you can a find links to other manufacturers and distributors on our “External Resources” page.

Fizik Cyrano Carbon 30.60mm seat post (new!)

Darrell McCulloch (Llewellyn Bikes) – Cast Frame Parts

Don Ferris – Anvil Bikeworks

Richard Sachs Cycles – Cast Frame Parts and Tubes

Richard Sachs Cycles – Sax Max Über-Oversize Components

Richard Sachs Cycles – Imperfection Is Perfection

Richard Sachs Cycles – Sax Max UOS (über-oversize) F.C. Braze-Ons

Tom Kellogg – OverTheTop binder bosses

Dario Pegoretti – Falz Fork

Dario Pegoretti – D11 Headset


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