Richard Sachs – Sax Max UOS (über-oversize) F.C. Braze-Ons

Sax Max UOS (über-oversize) F.C. Braze-Ons

The Richie-Issimo part that secures the front changer to the seat tube was introduced in 2004. It’s salient features include that it’s precision cast, high-style, self-seating, has a well for a slice of brazing material, and its design allows for both traditional AND compact gears to be used on the same bicycle frame. With the evolution of tubing diameters now including 31.7mm as a standard, the part has been reissued in UOS (über-oversize) dimensions. These news 31.7mm conforming braze-ons will be available in the first week of September. Steel and stainless steel.

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